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PA State Championship "Australian Express" 06/17/17 by Chris Baccash


The first race of the day was on the Schuylkill Expressway, 11 AM, sitting in traffic, attempting to pick the faster lane. Everything besides the traffic went as planned before the race. Number pinned, sugary foods eaten, all warmed up and ready to go.


2017 Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial

Start times are assigned, please check the bottom of this page 

The BikReg site is up so please Register Here.

Colorado State Championship 05/31/2015 - By Brett Wachtendorf

Deer Trail Road Race

May 31, 2015


2015 Navy Yard Criterium 04/04/2015 - By Steven Wentworth

Steve Laps Fields in Group of 4 at 2015 Navy Yard

Race day for me started at 0600 in the morning. Windy, sunny, and yet a little chill in the air. Racing at 1630 in the afternoon is not an easy feat. You have a lot going against you during this time, and nothing more was going to go against me than the 30 mph head winds we had all day long.

Historic Riverton Criterium 6/8/2014 - By Dave Casale

The Historic Riverton Criterium is a top notch local race. It takes place on beautiful tree lined streets in South Jersey's Riverton, passing the local police department, library, middle school, a church, and the promoter's own house, all in a quick 1:36 lap.

The Proper Split - What to do when you're "in the money" - By Steve Lehman (reprinted from 1999

Today was a rather slow news day in the professional peleton, but I managed to stumble upon an article on Velonews on How to Split Race Winnings.

2014 Naval Yard Criterium

The 2014 Naval Yard Criterium is permitted and up on BikeReg. We're happy to be in our 4th year of promoting this race in Philadelphia's blossoming Navy Yard, and hopeful that you are able to attend. 

South Jersey Spring Series 03/23/2014 - By Keith Hatton

Keith Finished 3rd Overall in the 2014 SJSS

The last race of the South Jersey Spring Series was quite an exciting race for me to finish the series with. After the first few weeks of finishing in the top ten I knew going into this race I had a chance of finishing the series in the top three with a decent result this day.

CRCA Grant’s Tomb Criterium 03/08/2014 – By Dave Casale

Grant's Tomb is located right on Columbia University's campus in West Harlem on the island of Manhattan. West is a pretty loose term when you're describing a section of an island that's about 2 miles wide in total, but it is definitely a unique portion of the city being right on the Hudson River (more details on that later).

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